About Carolla's Beeswax Skin Créme

flamingo pictureIn 1983, in the beautiful, yet extremely dry, Colorado Rockies, Carol perfected a skin creme for her cracked, parched skin after years of trial and error. Her background in botany, horticulture and healing came together in her brainchild: a truly all-natural skin creme created from only 4 naturally-occurring ingredients.

Carol made the creme for family and friends for 10 years. Then, after repeated comment of “you should really sell this creme!” she decided to offer it to the public. Since 1994, loyal users throughout the U.S. have “spread the word” about the creme’s extraordinary uses, effectiveness and excellent value.

Carol is committed to maintaining the natural integrity of the product. When other skin cremes added ingredients like parabens, petroleum and lanolin, Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Creme remained simple and amazingly effective!

Carolla’s is sold at craft fairs and natural health stores across the U.S. (Let us know if you want to sell at your craft fair.) You can also purchase on this website.  Order now!






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