Testimonials About the Effectiveness of Carolla's Beeswax Skin Créme

I've used Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme for several years - especially on my heels which callus & crack. A little goes a long way & I now have soft heels. Thank you for making this available!!
Betty  Greeley 

 Love your skin cream! I just discovered it while out Christmas shopping in Boulder. I put it on in the morning and my hands stay soft all day. Such a difference from other lotions which I have to reapply all day in our dry Colorado weather. I'll be buying more for Christmas presents.  Thank you for a great product!
Margaret C, Boulder  CO

I spent a week in the hospital in January after undergoing major surgery. As a result of all the medications etc. my skin became severely dry and flakey. I tried several lotions and creams I had on hand, and nothing worked.  I went to Whole Foods in the hopes of finding a product that would help.  I found a small jar of Carolla's and immediately found relief.  I went back and bought the large jar.  It has been my everyday skin therapy!  Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It has become a staple in my household.
Carla L.

I love Carolla’s skin crème.  I moved to Colorado a year ago from a very moist seaside east coast climate.  Colorado is very dry.  I immediately got cracked thumbs and a kind of rough tough feel and look to my chin.  This is especially bad in the dryness of winter.  A couple of month ago I started using a locally made creme on my chin – and in almost no time, my skin was smooth and healed.  I looked normal again.  I was amazed. 

I plan to start using it more – on my thumbs and heels especially.  It is amazing.  And recently  I have met Carol – so good to buy a product made by someone I know and like.

Judy W, Fort Collins, CO

I use your product for Contact Dermetitus. It's the ONLY product I have found that controls the itching and discomfort. Thank you!
Angelina M – Kaysville, Utah

Two years ago I finally found, what I was looking for for so many years and after trying and wasting so much money on different products. I found Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme. The skin on my hands and feet were for so many years extremely dry, cracked and bleeding - a very painful condition. Within about two weeks after applying the Beeswax Skin Creme to my hands and feet I was - quite literally - healed. I just hope that this exquisite and wonderful creme will be available as long as I live!!!!
Heidi, Albuquerque, NM

Dear Carolla,

Here is a limerick I wrote . One can sing it to "She'll be comin' round the mountain" - appropriate in Colorado? My friend, Terri reported that her dry cracked hands already feel like those of a teenager - though they don 't look that way!...Her 82nd birthday is the 11th. Thanks so much.  

Caroline V.,  Florida

Use this Beeswax if your hands are awfully dry

If they hurt so much it almost makes you cry.

You can rub it on your heels

And you will see how good it feels

Oh, you won’t know what you’ve been missing till you try.


I’m not saying this will cure our every ache.

It’s not like a magic drug that we can take.

If an earring hurts my ear

Or there’s a sore spot on my rear

A teeny bit - oh, what a difference it can make!


So I’ve sent Carolla’s Beeswax off  to you.

It will come in handy when you’re eighty-two

Eighty-three and eighty-four

And then another decade more

I’m hoping it will make you feel as good as new.

Note from Carolla’s – the crème was originally sold in a small glass canning jar.                        

Hi, I just want to tell you how much your cream has helped my family, but it's a little odd.

I was looking through a cabinet in my bathroom a few months ago and came across a little glass canning jar with the Carolla's label on the top.  I swear I do not remember ever seeing it before, even though I must have purchased it at some point in the past.  I have no recollection.

I took it out and left it on the counter.

Less than a week later, my 2 1/2 year old grandson who is allergy-prone, broke out in hives.  He was scratching like crazy, couldn't sleep from the torture of it and his skin was getting pretty torn up, all over his body; he was pretty sick.  We had tried everything: castor oil topically, other creams, Weleda creams, coconut oil - nothing helped.  We do not use medications such as steroid creams on a baby; steroids should be reserved for life-threatening conditions.

My daughter happened to see that jar of cream in the bathroom and asked if we could use it on the baby. 

 I swear it was a miracle.  It helped tremendously. It took us weeks to find out what was causing the rash; we never did know for sure but started using "soap nuts" in place of laundry detergent and also stopped giving him strawberries.  The rash is gone now, except for a little patch of eczema on his leg, but we continue to use the cream as you can tell because I have re-ordered 3 more large jars of it.  I am also using it on my face, it's awesome.

I say it was a miracle, because how does one explain that this stuff turned up in my bathroom mysteriously, just days before the rash broke out.  I just thank God.

I just wanted to tell you the story and maybe bring a smile to your face, like it has mine.

Take care, and thanks,
Patti B.

Two years ago I finally found, what I was looking for for so many years and after trying and wasting so much money on different products. I found Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme. The skin on my hands and feet were for so many years extremely dry, cracked and bleeding - a very painful condition. Within about two weeks after applying the Beeswax Skin Creme to my hands and feet I was - quite literally - healed. I just hope that this exquisite and wonderful creme will be available as long as I live!!!!
Heidi, Albuquerque, NM

Your cream is wonderful! My aunt has really badly cracked hands and your cream helps her out more then the $80 script she buys!
Jill Z.,  Kawkawlin MI

I am a big fan.  I have had eczema and multiple skin allergies for 30+ years, have seen 5+ dermatologists and allergists and this is the product that has cleared it up.  THANK YOU!!!
This is the best product I have found.  I plan to share with my dermatologist and several other people!  I live near Pinedale, WY which is 75 miles south of Jackson and 100 miles north of Rock Springs. 
For a thinner lotion, I mix with a little grape seed oil to the desired consistency and it works great.
Cindy Van,  WY

I am so glad it isn't oily or greasy and my very itchy eczema son doesn't get burned when I put it on his open sores.
Rachel B.,  Waterville KS

I seem to be allergic to every cream or lotion. I’ve been trying this creme and so far so good.
Lisa M., KS

Here's our story:
My daughter had terrible eczema at age 7 months-- scaling, bleeding, etc.  We finally helped it clear up by making some dietary changes, and some skin care changes.  Now her bath time ritual includes a full body massage with Carolla’s every night.  Now at 2 ½, she is happy, healthy and has beautiful skin.  The evening is a bonding time.  We run through a llloooottt of Carolla’s, and it's worth it to have her so happy and comfortable.  Of course, everyone else in the house uses it, too, especially on hands and feet.  It's a staple in our home!
Lee,  Louisville CO

Thank you so much for sending a travel size creme with the 4oz creme. We are using it on our son who has really bad excema and it seems to be working great!!
Abby Schill,  Athens GA

I'm a long time customer -- I LOVE your product
Cindy B.,  Phoenix AZ

For the past 10 years I have taught water fitness classes 4 nights a week and my skin was suffering from it.  I began using your creme about 10 years ago, and found it the best to help keep the only skin I've got from drying out. 
Carolla’s can also be mixed with a fragrance without changing the effectiveness.  If you can come up with something that will save swimsuits from breaking down in the chemicaled water it would be great.  Thanks!
Diane,  Denver CO

Great product, thanks!
Jane D.,  Colorado Springs  CO

Great for my eczema!
Abigail S.

First I'd like to say- Carolla your skin is absolutley amazing! I saw your youtube videos...anyway I just bought your cream at Whole Foods here in Boulder. I love it!! My skin, since living here in Colorado, has gotten so dried out. I am glad to find such a simple cream - my face thanks you!
Many Blessings
Zia,  Boulder CO

I got a small jar at Whole Foods and I LOVE it!  I saw a marked difference on my extremely icky heels in just a week. 
Betty Bynum,  Boulder CO

I have tried countless lotions before (some that were irritating to my skin as well) to try to relieve my dry and cracked hands to no avail. I recently tried Carollas and purchased a jar of the cream. Oh my goodness! The cream is a miracle for my hands! My hands have never felt or looked better since I was a child. This product is a MUST in Colorado!
Sara,  CO

Love your beeswax skin creme-I bought a jar at Whole Foods and use it before I go to bed!
Laura M.,  Colorado Springs CO

A very nice woman ask me if I'd like to try this product at Whole Foods in Overland Park, KS. I LOVE IT!! Big thanks to her :)
Kelli J K., Overland Park KS

My husband and I farm so I'm outside a lot. Your cream has made all the difference for my abused skin! And your lip balm is AWESOME! Plus I love supporting a Colorado business. Keep up the great work! :)
Tammy Nelson,  CO

Love your skin creme!  I purchased it yesterday after "testing" it at Whole Foods.  What a delight!  Once I'm out of my other lotions – face, et al... I only need 1 product!  Thank you.
Heather McMinn,  CO

Our entire family uses your creme and we have given it to many friends who also love it.  Thank you for making a product that is effective and not filled with a dozen chemicals!

I will be giving a couple of jars as gifts.  Incidentally, one jar is for my brother, age 43, who is the type to refuse most "products" for skin care.  He loves your creme and asked me to include a jar for him when I ordered again.  That really says a lot about the creme!
Melanie Shubert-Morgan,  Lexington NE

I have lots of allergies.  Your wonderful product is allergy free for me.  No lanolin & no smell.   Not only that, it WORKS!  I have been using it in my fingernails because they get so dry and crack.  Thanks for being there for me! 
Dona, Laramie WY

I have been using your Beeswax Skin Creme & I love it! I have very sensitive & dry skin & have found your product to be the only thing I can use on my face. Thank you for making such a pure product.
E.S.,  IA

I am 85 years old and my skin would be dry as a bone without your creme. Thank you for taking my order over the phone.
Sincerely yours,
H.S.,  Windsor Lochs, CT

I recently purchased your Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Creme and have had great results with it. Last month I ordered an expensive eyelid lifter creme made by a cosmetic firm in NJ. It did not live up to its claim so I decided to do an experiment. Daily, I used your creme on and around one eye, and the other creme on the other eye.  Your creme produced a much better effect!!  I am now using it daily.  Also, my heels are loving it. Keep up the good work!
Thank you,
M. Carter,  Ft. Collins, CO

I received my first jar of Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Creme as a gift from a friend.  This was many years ago – more than ten!  She is a golfer and uses this creme consistently in her practice.
I rub it on my face, neck and arms to replenish the skin after a day in the heat or cold.  I also use it on my hands after cleaning and scrubbing or yard work. At night I put it on my heels (cover with cotton sock) when they become dry.  I prefer this creme to any lip balm that I have used (I carry the 0.5 oz container in my purse).
It is a great product that I have given to my daughter (who uses as a night cream), sister-in-law (she uses it on her elbows primarily), grand-daughter and several friends.  We all enjoy the many benefits of Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Creme.
A. Berry,  Boulder, CO

Great product!  The first time I tried it, my cuticles improved almost overnight!! Thanks for an affordable alternative to “pricey” skin care products.           
Pam,  Ft. Collins, CO

I would like to send you a testimonial: a friend of mine was working on his truck engine and opened the radiator cap prematurely and burned his hand with 2nd and 3rd degree burns he did not have insurance so refused to go to the hospital. I gave him some of my skin creme which he applied 3-4 times a day and kept the burns lightly covered and within 2 weeks his hand was healed with very little sign of scarring.
C. Hannah,  Rock Springs, WY

My wife has used your product for two years and is very happy with it. I keep telling her she looks ten years younger. We really like your product and will continue using it. Thank you!
M. and D.R.,  Retired,  Boise, ID

I thought I'd send you a quick note on how much we appreciate your product.
My son had hand eczema during the cold weather. After the doctor saw him they recommended your beeswax creme. While waiting for the shipment we used petroleum jelly.
The creme is much better and lasts much longer than the petroleum jelly, and it is not greasy.  I've actually been using it for my hands as well.  The creme allows the skin to retain the moisture it needs to heal itself.
Thank you for your product.  I'll definitely recommend to others.
Mike,  GA

It's cold and dry in Alaska - so nice to have Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme to soothe the skin! Whether I'm hiking, skiing, doing art work, or housework, I use Carolla's constantly. It smells sweet like honey, and the soft, creamy consistency is better than any other hand cream or lotion I've tried.
N.L.,   Anchorage,  AK

I love that the list of ingredients is so simple and I can recite them to anyone from memory. The creme is thick, requiring a small application and a bit of rubbing in. As my hands are normally dry in most colder climates, the rubbing causes welcomed hand-warming.
B.R.,  CT

Your skin creme is fantastic. I use it as a night creme and it works well on sunburn too.
S.J.,  Denver, CO

I've just discovered your skin creme and love it!  I love the simple, all-natural ingredients, the recyclable plastic jar, and the fact that it does its job beautifully. Thanks!
J. Schriber,  Austin, TX

Thanks again – I love the product and find nothing else that compares to it!
C. B.,  Wittman, AZ

"I have lived in this dry Colorado climate for twenty-five years, and have tried everything to keep my skin from cracking and becoming rough. I was part owner of a health food store in the seventies, and became familiar with every natural skin care product on the market. Carolla's is the best! Not only am I happy with the results, but also the simple and natural ingredients of this product. Thanks for this wonderful product, I won't do without it. It's a staple in my beauty cabinet."
Linda D.,  Lafayette, CO

"This is a great product for hard working hands! I work in a laboratory where I wash my hands at least 30 times a day. Using Carolla's keeps my hands soft and prevents my skin from drying out with all the abuse. Everyone in my lab uses it and raves about it. I wouldn't be without it."
Liz P.,  Fort Collins, CO

"My husband has Parkinson's Disease and has difficulty changing his position when he is in bed for the night. He sleeps on his back putting pressure on his lower back and buttocks. This often causes the skin on his buttocks to break down. We have tried vaseline and other creams that were recommended by the pharmacist with no success. I received a small sample of your creme which I applied nightly for about a week. IT WORKED!!! The irritated skin started to heal. I have now bought a jar of your Beeswax Skin Creme and apply it on a regular basis. I also use it for my cuticles which are always dry. Thank you for a great Product!!! Sincerely,"
Ruth T.,  Boca Raton, FL

"I have been teaching Karate for over 30 years and in the course of this sport my feet become very thickly calloused and often crack deeply creating a breeding ground for infection. I have tried many products over the years and none have helped, except to destroy the protective calluses. Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme creates an excellent natural moisturizing seal and my calluses no longer crack. It has been a lifesaver from infection. Unlike other products that tend to try to eliminate the calluses, this very gentle creme softens and protects this specially developed skin that I need for Karate."
S. Oliver,  Instructor International Shotokan Karate Federation
Koloa,  Kauai, Hawaii

"I have used Carolla's for at least three years. My skin has always been dry but since I am in a wheelchair my hands even get more abuse. Carolla's does the job of moisturizing while protecting my hands. I use Carolla's for everything - chapped lips, rashes, cold sores - it seems to help heal everything. Just when I think I have been creative about its usage something else comes up and I use Carolla's. It is absolutely a miracle!!!!!"
Peggy G.,  Fort Collins, CO

I saw it in my local health food store and was looking for something to treat my dry, sensitive skin, and the short list of ingredients was appealing. I have eczema that comes and goes also. Your creme is one of the very few I've found that truly moisturizes without being too greasy and, more importantly, without irritating my already irritated skin.
I use it for my face also.
C. White,  Bothell, WA

“I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful product! I bought some at Whole Foods 3 weeks ago and am hooked! I am 32 years old and have suffered from sensitive, rosacea, dry and acne (caused by skincare ingredients) skin since I was 13 years old. It has been an ODESSEY trying to find gentle, yet effective moisturizers. Even "Natural" moisturizers have essential oils, fragrances and added ingredients that my skin can't tolerate. You would think to make a simple and effective skin cream with limited ingredients, no fragrance or irritating preservatives was to ask the impossible!!! Your skin care cream has healed my skin, I have no dryness, no breakouts, no irritation, and no rosacea flushing!!!! For the first time in my adult life I have normal skin.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this product, it is truely unique, effective and healing!!!!”

“P.S. - I not only use this for my face but for my whole body. My skin loves this cream, I'm addicted! Thanks again for your creation”.
Eternally grateful,
L .D. Boulder, CO

I first used your product after purchasing it at Eden Valley Country Store, Loveland, CO. I have used it for several years now and love it. I have not been able to find it since moving to Denver last year. I decided to look online and am delighted to learn you have online ordering of your wonderful product.
Jane Wood Denver CO

“Thank you so much. I use it on my dog's nose (who has an immune disorder known as "Collie Nose") He's also on medications, but the Carolla's really helps it from getting too dry and bleeding. I've told other collie folks with same problem.”
Anne T., Erie CO

“…my skin dries and cracks while golfing, probably from contact with chemicals that are used to treat the greens and other grasses. Your cream keeps my skin from getting so
irritated. Thanks.
Mary M., Mason City IA

“Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Crème is a miracle in a bottle, if you ask me. Never have I used a skin treatment that is so effective. My wife and I agree that your product has changed our lives for the better. Thank you for making it available. Our skin looks more supple and healthier than it has in years thanks to Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Crème.”
Courtney Rittgers, El Paso TX

“This is wonderful cream. I have used it for two years and have wonderful results. Nothing works on my dry skin as well. I just love it and would recommend it to anyone.
Thanks for making such a great product!”
Karen, Hampton GA

“I let some of your hand creme dehydrate in a small container and use it as a lip balm. There is no better lip balm than your product”
Jana Stephens Arkansas

“I put it on before I do the outside garden work and it definitely works. My hands are much softer and not dry by the end of the day.”
Mike DE, Cranston, Rhode Island

“I love your Carolla's Beeswax Skin Crème. I’m a paper artist & this is the only creme that works on my hands. I also have an "ongoing" rash on my hand & your creme is the only one that makes the "dry skin" smooth.
Jody, New Mexico

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