Love your skin cream! I just discovered it while out Christmas shopping in Boulder. I put it on in the morning and my hands stay soft all day. Such a difference from other lotions which I have to reapply all day in our dry Colorado weather. I'll be buying more for Christmas presents.  Thank you for a great product!
-Margaret C, Boulder  CO

I spent a week in the hospital in January after undergoing major surgery. As a result of all the medications etc. my skin became severely dry and flakey. I tried several lotions and creams I had on hand, and nothing worked. I went to Whole Foods in the hopes of finding a product that would help. I found a small jar of Carolla's and immediately found relief. I went back and bought the large jar It has been my everyday skin therapy! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It has become a staple in my household.
-Carla L.

I love Carolla’s skin crème. I moved to Colorado a year ago from a very moist seaside east coast climate. Colorado is very dry.  I immediately got cracked thumbs and a kind of rough tough feel and look to my chin. This is especially bad in the dryness of winter. A couple of month ago I started using a locally made creme on my chin – and in almost no time, my skin was smooth and healed. I looked normal again. I was amazed. I plan to start using it more – on my thumbs and heels especially. It is amazing. And recently I have met Carol – so good to buy a product made by someone I know and like.
-Judy W.     Fort Collins, CO

I use your product for Contact Dermetitus. It's the ONLY product I have found that controls the itching and discomfort. Thank you!
-Angelina M.     Kaysville, UT

I thought I'd send you a quick note on how much we appreciate your product.
My son had hand eczema during the cold weather. After the doctor saw him they recommended your beeswax creme. While waiting for the shipment we used petroleum jelly. The creme is much better and lasts much longer than the petroleum jelly, and it is not greasy.  I've actually been using it for my hands as well.  The creme allows the skin to retain the moisture it needs to heal itself.
Thank you for your product.  I'll definitely recommend to others.
-Mike     GA

I've used Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme for several years - especially on my heels which callus & crack. A little goes a long way & I now have soft heels. Thank you for making this available!!
-Betty     Greeley, CO

I love your Carolla's Beeswax Skin Crème. I’m a paper artist & this is the only creme that works on my hands. I also have an "ongoing" rash on my hand & your creme is the only one that makes the "dry skin" smooth.
-Jody     NM

I am so glad it isn't oily or greasy and my very itchy eczema son doesn't get burned when I put it on his open sores.
-Rachel B.     Waterville, KS